Immigrant Serving Organizations

Canada has many immigrant-serving organizations to help newcomers settle in Canada. These organizations are funded by the governments and their services are free. They are excellent sources of information on living in Canada. They also have settlement workers who can provide you with help to meet settlement needs such as:

  • searching for employment;
  • learning about the process of getting your foreign credentials recognized;
  • improving your qualifications and skills;
  • finding housing;
  • registering your children in schools;
  • obtaining official documents and government services;
  • registering for free language training to help you improve your English or French language skills;
  • helping with any general problems you might have.

These organizations offer their services in one or both of the official languages (English and French) and sometimes in other languages as well. Call or visit a local immigrant-serving organization in your city or town to learn about the many ways it can help you settle in Canada.

You can find contact information for immigrant-serving organizations across Canada by clicking the below button.

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