Refugee figures at a glance

As of 2014, around the world there are 19.5 million refugees of concern to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).  Most of these refugees are in Asian and in Africa.

Refugees live in widely varying conditions, from well-established camps and collective centres to makeshift shelters or living in the open. More than half of refugees live in urban areas. There are three possible solutions: repatriation, location integration, or resettlement.


Why do refugees leave their countries?

Refugees are people who are not safe in their own countries and who are seeking protection. They have a well-founded fear of being persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, and membership in certain society or group.


Why does Canada accept refugees?

Resettling refugees is a proud and important part of Canada's humanitarian tradition. It reflects our commitment to Canadians and demonstrates to the world that we have a shared responsibility to help people who are displaced and persecuted.


Syrian Refugees

Daily horrors and devastation at an unimaginable scale makes Syria the largest humanitarian emergency of our era. In its fifth year of brutal and bitter war, Syria is in ruins. Its people are on the run from a nightmare that seems to have no end. Millions of internally displaced people (IDPs) are trapped inside Syria, experiencing dire conditions. Millions of other Syrian refugees have overwhelmed neighbouring countries including Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt—their numbers and needs intensify daily.  To learn more about refugees, visit UNHCR


How does CANN help?

Each year, CANN provides services to approximately 1300-1500 government- assisted and privately-sponsored refugees arriving at YVR. These refugee clients are provided with special assistance and services based on their individual needs and requirements. The following are some special services CANN provides under the Resettlement Assistance Program (RA):

  • Welcoming RAP clients at the arrival gate and escorting them to landing room.
  • Conducting preliminary health and needs assessment and taking appropriate actions
  • Providing orientation, information, and referrals and assisting with document preparation for CBSA processing
  • Providing meals and winter clothing items to government-assisted refugees
  • Providing other special and emergency items as needed
  • Assisting with baggage claim and escorting to ground transportation
  • Arranging ground transportation (taxi, chartered bus) to the Welcome House for government-assisted refugees
  • Coordinating reception of privately-sponsored refugees by their sponsors at YVR
  • Assisting with check-in procedures for clients with connecting flight
  • Providing meals and overnight accommodation for clients with next-day connection


Services for Refugees and How you can help 

Évènements à venir

Knitting Group for Newcomer Women (Abbotsford Community Services)

2420 Montrose Avenue, Abbotsford

CCM Center, Crystal Mall second floor, 4533 Kingsborough St., Burnaby, BC V5H4V3

206-5838 Fraser Street, Vancouver
English Conversation Circles (Abbotsford Community Services)

2420 Montrose Avenue, Abbotsford

300 - 8268 Granville Street, Vancouver
Medication Management (国语讲座) (S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Richmond Service Center)

220-7000 Minoru Blvd., Richmond
English Conversation Circle (Abbotsford Community Services)

2420 Montrose Avenue, Abbotsford
Galerie de photos

Photographies prises à l ‘Aéroport international de Vancouver des services CANN offerts aux nouveaux immigrants y compris les réfugiés pris en charge par le gouvernement ainsi que ceux parrainés par le secteur privé.

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